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Meet Jessie!

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

Liquis (80)

So there’s this new girl at Liquis. She’s pretty cool and talented to boot. It’s easy to talk shop all the time, but we wanted to find out who the real Jessie is. What makes her tick. Where does her inspiration come from. And most importantly, if she could be any animal, what would she be??? 

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Actually its pretty hard to embarrass me I think. Even if its a time when I should probably should be embarrassed I tend to just think its funny.

What gets you excited about Web development?

I really like being in the world of technology at the time that we are in right now, because I know that my profession is just going to keep growing constantly and I will get to continue to learn and grow along with it. This field is incredibly interesting and there will always be something new to learn.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Lemur? Those guys are pretty neat.

Any guilty pleasures? Read More »

Thank You notes are still remarkable.

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

madpropsDo you take time as a representative of your company to write hand written thank you notes? What warrants a thank you note? Is it worth the time and money to actually buy the stationary, get out a pen, and write something personal? Definitely.

When a personal note comes in the mail, especially at work, it makes the recipient feel special. That alone can make a lasting impression. But when you couple that with a sincere acknowledgment of their kindness or hard work, well that’s remarkable.

Here are is a short list of the circumstances that would welcome a thank you note:

Read More »

Ever thought about keeping a work journal?

Posted on
by Jackie Wolfe, General Manager

JOURNAL-4I know it sounds a little crazy at first, but you spend so much of your life working, why wouldn’t you journal about it? There’s so much to say, reflect on and learn about your work life/self.

If you’re a business owner or decision maker think about what a useful tool this can be. Looking back on entries before and after big transitions can be helpful when making new decisions.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s just fun to reminisce. “Remember when I was ready to throw in the towel?” “Or that year we exceeded our goals?” “The way I used to feel about this project that turned out to be a huge success?”

It’s also therapeutic. Even thought it’s a work journal, it’s still private. Say what you don’t want to say out loud. Get it off your chest and problem solve. “I think we’re coasting and I’m scared about what’s next.” “If only I could uncover that next big idea, where should I look, who should I talk to?” This kind of rawness frees the weight you carry about certain problems and when you’re writing, you tend to think critically about it. Who knows, you could solve your biggest problems before you finish a single journal entry.

I challenge you to keep a journal for one week. See what it can do for you, and your business.

More perks for clients.

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

doingthingsDid you know all of our past and present clients are invited to be part of an exclusive Facebook group for brainstorming and collaborating on marketing ideas? Pretty cool huh?! This is a new concept so if you’re a past client and not in the group please join us here:

The clients of Liquis Design are some of the smartest, most growth-oriented business leaders out there. How do we know? When we talk shop with other design agencies, our client stories are WAY different than theirs. Our clients are thinking ahead, are invested in the success of their marketing platforms and have big goals.

By bringing together all of the industry leaders, startups and creative thinkers that embody our client roster… the sky is the limit!

Welcome Douglas!

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

photo-12Say hello to the newest member of the Liquis team! Douglas is a super fun, super interesting dude that you should really get to know. Feel lucky if he ends up on your project! 

What was your most embarrassing moment?

When I was in about the 5th grade my school was adopting uniforms and was having a “fashion night” for all the parents to get a glimpse of the new dress code along with ordering from the company. My teacher asked me if I could walk down the cat-walk with the new uniform, I immediately said no and she showed great disappointment so I cried, a lot.  Read More »

Free fun for the family that helps local homeless stay warm.

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director


Every holiday season since our existence, Liquis Design has partnered up with an army of local small businesses in the name of charity.

What started out as a small pancake breakfast outside our office with a couple plastic tables, has turned into a sponsored patio event with face painting, bounce house, ice custard treats and even Paleo pancake options!

If you’re looking for something to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling this year, join us for “Charity ‘n’ Chow” on Saturday, December 14th from 9:30 – 11:30 am! All you need to do is bring a used or new blanket donation for Central Arizona Shelter Services and enjoy free food and fun for the whole family!

Get all the details, RSVP, and invite your friends on the Facebook event page. Cheers!











5 years of thankful.

Posted on
by Brad Ball, Design Director



Straight from the keyboards of the Liquis Design team – we reflect on our thankfulness – five years and counting!


Brad Ball, Design and Web Development Director

I’m thankful that my wall ball workout is over! J/K
I’m thankful for…

  • A great team at Liquis
  • Awesome clients that value the services we provide
  • Steve Jobs :)
  • A close loving family
  • The opportunities God has given me in life
  • That I have the ability to help others
  • For the sacrifices my wife made to allow me to follow my dream and start Liquis
  • That I get to have 2 awesome, funny, beautiful grandsons!!

Jackie Wolfe, General Manager

I’m thankful for…

  • The family and friends that I have
  • Such a great husband
  • For the professional choices I am able to make
  • Having such wonderful parents that believed in me
  • Experiencing loss in my life that has made me a more compassionate person

Maggie Ruf, Designer

I’m thankful for…

  • My family, whom always supports me, even when I want to randomly move across the country
  • My friends, whom keep life interesting
  • Liquis, whom helps me learn, grow and give back
  • The amazing clients I’ve had the privilege of working with
  • The incredible opportunities I’ve had a chance to seize
  • Pumpkin pie

Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

I’m thankful for…

  • My team! We are some of the hardest working people I know and I’m so very proud of that
  • The flexibility of my job that allows me to work from home with my two little monsters and support my husband’s efforts to promote within the Phoenix Fire Department
  • That we made it through the ups and downs as a company to where we are today. We dove in head first to start Liquis when it was the worst of times in the economy. It taught us so much and we had no where to go but up!
  • For the clients we’ve had since day one and the new ones too. You automatically become a part of the Liquis family when we join forces. Without you putting your faith in us, we’d be empty inside. For real.
  • I can’t end this list with out mentioning my supportive, amazing husband who picks up my slack and my two fiery sons, who make me a better person. My family was, after all, one of my biggest reasons for taking the leap with Liquis. My cup runneth over!


Small businesses are in the business of making things happen.

Posted on
by Jackie Wolfe, General Manager


I believe small businesses can have the biggest influence on the community at large. I mean, we don’t have to jump through a million hoops to do something new and our resources are even grander when we partner up with each other.

Did you know Saturday, November 30 is Small Business Saturday? What can you do or who can you partner up with to raise awareness and increase sales for your product or service? Maybe there’s a nearby business that compliments yours, like a yogurt shop if you’re a restaurant or a masseuse if you’re a personal trainer. This is a great opportunity to cross promote your services and expand your audience all in the name of small businesses success. We’ve got to have each other backs, you know?!

If you don’t have time to pull that grand idea off in time for Small Business Saturday, consider making it a seasonal or annual promotion or event of your own. Read More »

How to get more people to open e-newsletters

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

Photo courtesy of Betsy Weber:

Photo courtesy of Betsy Weber:

A while back I wrote a post titled, “What makes a good newsletter?” …but there was little talk about what makes a good audience and how you can get them to open your newsletter in the first place. Here is a prequel, if you will, to that popular post: Read More »

We found our “Cause to Design” and his name is Ben.

Posted on
by Jackie Wolfe, General Manager

Today marks the first day we begin work with Benjamin Lunak. You may not know him yet, but he’s famous to me. It all started when an entry video was sent in for our annual A Cause to Design program where we award a local cause with a pro bono website.

I was in tears watching his video. He is amazing! Ben is a CrossFitting Marine who is working on launching a motivational movement about “never giving up” – all the while living this motto by doing CrossFit with only one leg. Read More »