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6 ways to add personality to your website

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

personality_small1. Make your copy (verbiage) readable. Almost conversation-like at the level of your audience.

2. Use real photos. Not cheesy stock photos, real photos of you and your staff that are more than just smiling headshots. Show off your flair.

3. Show off your penmanship. For example, you can use images of your actual handwriting for things like your name on a bio or contact page.
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Refresh your brand and wow your customers this year

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

wowIf it’s been eons since you took a look at your website and other marketing materials as a whole, there’s no better time than now to kick off the new year in style. Let your customers know you take your business seriously and you are a professional in tune with what your business stands for.

Okay, so maybe you DO take your business seriously and you ARE a professional in tune with what your business stands for, but don’t you think your customers should know that too? Others perceptions of your business have a lot to do with how its presented to them. Read More »

Your checklist for fun this holiday season

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director


To all of you celebrating this holiday season we wish you all the best it has to offer! To make sure you don’t miss a beat, here are the top 10 must-dos between now and New Years:

1. Grab some hot cocoa and take a stroll to look at Christmas lights in a ritzy neighborhood and wave to people like you live there too.

2. Dress your dog up in costume. If you don’t have a dog, dress up your car.

3. Elf yourself.

4. Ladies, get a festive pedicure. Gentlemen, sport your holiday ties.

5. Strategically place yourself under mistletoe as often as possible.

6. Attend an ugly sweater party and really go for that winner’s prize. Hey, somebody has to win.

7. Don’t let the eggnog go to waste.

8. Hit the after-Christmas sales for next year’s festive decor.

9. Don’t take the lights down just yet, you got them up late after all.

10. Make sure you’re not in the bathroom when the clock strikes 12 on New Years. There are no re-dos!

On verbiage: This aint your grandma’s website

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

GrandmaOkay so your sweet grandma should be able to use your website, but a teenager should want to read it. They way we talk, read and understand things has changed a lot… and rather quickly. People don’t want to take the time to understand verbiage, they want to skim it and be stimulated visually… especially the younger generation.

So how do you keep their eyes on the message? Here are a few tips:  Read More »

Charity ‘n’ Chow is back!

Posted on
by Brad Ball, Design Director

pancakes_small copyOur annual Charity ‘n’ Chow pancake breakfast is back and this year you picked the charity… Crisis Nursery. This will be the second time this event has benefited Crisis Nursery and we are proud to do it.

So how does the event work? Basically you show up with an in-kind donation and we feed you for free at this holiday-style shindig. Fun, easy and festive!

Find out more and RSVP on our Facebook event page. See you there!

Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you!

Posted on
by Brad Ball, Design Director

Happy ThanksgivingIt’s true. We have the best jobs ever because of you!

This is one big thankful shout out to all our clients, fans, followers and friends. Have a happy and full thanksgiving!

From the bottoms of all our hearts,
The Liquis Crew

P.S. Who isn’t hungry for pumpkin pie right now?

5 Qs to ask yourself before starting a design project

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

5 qsFirst things first. As a business you must understand your audience. Knowing crucial things about your audience-base has everything to do with the marketing strategies behind design.

Before you get started on your next promotional piece or website updates, take a moment to honestly ponder these questions: Read More »

Inspiring holiday card ideas for business

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

Want to do something unique this year that will make your customers think, “Wow! They really ARE cool! I should buy from them again.”

Well look no further. All it takes is to stand out from the crowd, in a good way, that’s branded to YOU. Easy, right? Not really. But if you put on your thinking cap, brainstorm with your staff and check out these cool ideas below, you’re sure to come up with something stellar.

Note: You can also click on each image for their source and more info.

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5 daily habits to increase your Web presence

Posted on
by Andy Ptacek, Marketing Director

5dailyhabitsThe goal is really to be active and rep your company at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Check and respond to your alerts. You should have alerts set up via Google Alerts and Social Mention or similar. Make sure to take a good look at these and respond to people talking about your company or industry. Even responding to negative chatter can turn into great opportunities if you do it carefully.
  2. Tweet it up. Twitter is a great place to network. Don’t just push out company info, be helpful. Follow people who also have similar personal interests and make it a rule to interact with someone each time you check your feeds. You can also create search feeds in third party apps such as Seesmic based on certain relevant keywords for industry or company “listening” as well as news gathering or sharing. Most importantly, make sure your profile information includes a link to your website and brief info about your company, with your personal flair.
  3. Post as a page. Facebook is such a significant platform for businesses. Not only is it great to post content from your business page regularly, but occasionally posting as your business on other business pages opens a whole new world of potential fans. Basically, you can post on other business pages your business “likes.” I would not recommend posting on competitor pages, but rather complimentary industry pages with words of expert enthusiasm on their popular content.
  4. Be a blogger. You don’t necessarily have to blog your own content every day, but you should comment on other people’s content everyday. Visit your RSS feed daily and catch up on what’s going on in your industry while leaving your own footprint in the comment threads. A simple “great post!” is not going to cut it. In fact, that could make you look a little cheesy. Make sure you’re adding something relevant and useful to the conversation.
  5. Check in with your groups. On LinkedIn that is. See what the people in your groups are posting and stay in touch with them. If someone posted about getting a new job, congratulate them! If someone is looking for connections in your town, offer to buy them a cup of coffee and welcome them. Mostly, you’ll find people posting articles they wrote or found online so make sure you contribute with your comments here as well. You might have even found a great post to share with your groups as part of your RSS readings.