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More perks for clients.


doingthingsDid you know all of our past and present clients are invited to be part of an exclusive Facebook group for brainstorming and collaborating on marketing ideas? Pretty cool huh?! This is a new concept so if you’re a past client and not in the group please join us here:

The clients of Liquis Design are some of the smartest, most growth-oriented business leaders out there. How do we know? When we talk shop with other design agencies, our client stories are WAY different than theirs. Our clients are thinking ahead, are invested in the success of their marketing platforms and have big goals.

By bringing together all of the industry leaders, startups and creative thinkers that embody our client roster… the sky is the limit!

Do branded social media pages make a difference?

What if the question was asked this way… Do you think it’s important for people to inherently know they’re in the right place when they choose to visit your social media platforms? I think so, don’t you?

Or if they stumble upon your social media page and you successfully get them to your website, don’t you think they should again know they made it to the right place to avoid confusion in this no-time-for-nonsense age of the Web?

That is why branding is so important; and almost just as important as branding itself, is consistancy. Every social media platform has different variables of what is customizable and what is not, but take advantage of those opportunities to use a consistnat background, image, logo and/or identity element to create a consistant brand experience.

Here are some samples of how to make this happen…

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A new collection of the best free fonts

Check out these beauties! Fonts are so important in so many ways. They bring just the right amount of awesome to almost anything. If you see something you have to have, just click on the image to go to the source for downloading options. Enjoy!


A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

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My brand? I never thought about that before…

If you ever said that, you’re not alone. There are many times when we go into a discovery meeting and as soon we start discussing a client’s brand, we get a blank stare.

Don’t beat yourself up. Unknowingly you have already developed a brand for your company, now it’s just a matter of understanding it and making intentional changes if needed.

So what IS your brand?

It’s that feeling your company evokes in your customers. It’s everything all rolled into that one perception. Everything your clients have heard, seen or experienced about your company.

What it’s NOT is your services. It’s beyond concrete information about your company or employees, but rather, what does the entire experience mean to your customer’s perception of your company?

It’s easy to overwhelm your audience which really puts that perception at risk. That’s why it’s so important to be focused and most importantly, consistent.

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Refresh your brand and wow your customers this year

wowIf it’s been eons since you took a look at your website and other marketing materials as a whole, there’s no better time than now to kick off the new year in style. Let your customers know you take your business seriously and you are a professional in tune with what your business stands for.

Okay, so maybe you DO take your business seriously and you ARE a professional in tune with what your business stands for, but don’t you think your customers should know that too? Others perceptions of your business have a lot to do with how its presented to them. Read More »

Types of logos… What’s the difference?

Well, mostly the difference has to do with how you plan to use your logo. Here are simple explanations with samples:

Logotype / Word Mark

This type of logo would be best suited for a company where signage plays a huge roll in their brand visibility. Another reason a company might want a logotype or word mark logo is its placement among other busy content that is regularly seen by the customer or even just brand simplicity.

IBM wordmarkDillardsFedEx

Disney wordmark

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Do It Yourself Identity Book

DIY Identity BookWhen you start out with a new business, brand guidelines may be a little far out for you to think about just yet because you’re still figuring out your core identity and how that looks. A great way to develop consistency in your identity is to create a book that encompasses various conceptual and visual aspects.

Here’s an example of an identity book we created for our client, Hot Corner Connect. We were hired to name, brand and create a membership website for the new company. In creating this book, our purpose was to give the client something tangible and whole that they could refer to for consistency within the brand as the company grows. It’s certainly not as complete as brand guidelines are, but it’s a great place for a new business to start.

To create your own identity book, here is a list of items you will want to include:

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5 tips for start-ups

dreamstimefree_1035570You bring a stellar, unique, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea to a design company so that they may help bring your idea to life. Great move! Now what?

1.  Don’t loose your nerve. All great ideas started with someone willing to TRY. That includes investment physically and financially. If you don’t do it right, someone else will. I’ve seen this happen and it breaks my heart. Liquis has a file full of confidentiality agreements of fantastic ideas that never saw the light of day… don’t let this happen to your idea.

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Why your website matters & 10 tips to get noticed

googleBy now you hopefully understand that your business should have some sort of Web presence. These days, customers and clients are looking for YOU and you need to be accessible. Putting your business in the phone book doesn’t cut it anymore and in reality, the Web has replaced these old school methods with tools like Google, Facebook and Yelp. Now we can type in key words and find exactly what we’re looking for with an abundance of information, images and reviews that give us a pretty solid impression about who we’re dealing with.

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Um, nice font.

The font you use for marketing materials says a lot to the masses about you.  If you use a font like Papyrus or Comic Sans, you’re probably getting made fun of… Just sayin. Take heed the advice of your designer for acceptable and up-and-coming fonts.

It’s not just a battle between marketers and designers pushing the fresh fonts and the consumers holding on to the overused fonts, it’s really a battle of raising the standard or giving in. Fonts have a job to do, a message to portray and a responsibility to resonate. Whether it’s body text or a wordmark logo, there is a purpose behind your designer’s choices and don’t hesitate ask what that is. We get a kick out of talking shop to interested clients.

Now, for a little font humor, here’s Comic Sans Man!