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Category Design Tips

Should I use sound or music on my website?


First ask yourself this: The last time you visited a website with sound or music that started playing instantly, what did you do?

Did you fluster between the page and iTunes, become startled, close the page all together so your boss wouldn’t catch you, or was it freaking awesome?!

We get it. You want to make your website an expeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrience, but that doen’t mean you need to overload all the senses.

A website can be an even better experience with this quick checklist: Read More »

What is typography?


It’s the art of fonts. But what it is mostly, is a way to give words expression.

Typography is a crucial component of marketing… using the right font can provoke someone to positively receive your message, but using the wrong font can leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Designers use typography as arsenal to create magic in designs. Designers understand how to pair, space and contrast fonts for the best experience.

One of the best ways to understand the importance of typography for your company’s messaging is to understand where it came from.

This short video explains the history of typography and how it got to the art form it is today. Enjoy! Read More »

The Infographic: From Caves to Pinterest


infographic (noun) [IN-foh-GRAF-ik]

  1. a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge.
  2. a way to make dull and/or confusing information eye-catching and easy to understand: I saw a really interesting infographic about weather patterns in Siberia on Pinterest yesterday.

Though “infographic” isn’t officially in the dictionary yet, you’ve probably seen the word around a lot. You’ve also probably seen a lot of the long, skinny infographics so common on the Internet. While the Internet is a big part of what has made infographics so popular recently, people were creating them long before the Internet. About 32,000 years before, actually.

Cave paintings from 30,000 BC depicted (visually represented) what animals and other resources were available in the surrounding area (information).

Image by Plamen Stoev

But because we live in the era of social media, we’ll focus on the format of infographics that these websites have made so popular lately, like this one we made for the COPD Alliance: Read More »

A new collection of the best free fonts

Check out these beauties! Fonts are so important in so many ways. They bring just the right amount of awesome to almost anything. If you see something you have to have, just click on the image to go to the source for downloading options. Enjoy!


A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

Read More »

What does responsive design look like & do I need it?

What it is…

It’s web design that’s, well, responsive. That means content or image containers wiggle around in a predetermined manner depending on the screen size. Blocks of content and images re-size, stack and sometimes convert in order to give the best possible user experience for that screen size.

Here’s an example of how navigation can shift to become more userfriendly on a mobile device.

Example of responsive navigation design  Read More »

A theory about Green in honor of St. Patty

Yes, there is such a thing as color theory. In fact, many people base their entire career around analyzing the feelings evoked by colors thus defining specific meanings associated with that color.

If you’re starting a new business or re-branding, you might want to consider these color concepts. To start off, here’s a theory about Green:

Green is a member of the “Cool Colors” which also include blue and purple. It’s no shocker that green is a “down-to-earth” color that is often reflective of nature. But dig deeper, and green can evoke feelings of harmony and balance. It has the same calming effect of blue, but gains the energy of yellow.

Read More »

Refresh your brand and wow your customers this year

wowIf it’s been eons since you took a look at your website and other marketing materials as a whole, there’s no better time than now to kick off the new year in style. Let your customers know you take your business seriously and you are a professional in tune with what your business stands for.

Okay, so maybe you DO take your business seriously and you ARE a professional in tune with what your business stands for, but don’t you think your customers should know that too? Others perceptions of your business have a lot to do with how its presented to them. Read More »

5 Qs to ask yourself before starting a design project

5 qsFirst things first. As a business you must understand your audience. Knowing crucial things about your audience-base has everything to do with the marketing strategies behind design.

Before you get started on your next promotional piece or website updates, take a moment to honestly ponder these questions: Read More »