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Category Graphic Design

What is typography?


It’s the art of fonts. But what it is mostly, is a way to give words expression.

Typography is a crucial component of marketing… using the right font can provoke someone to positively receive your message, but using the wrong font can leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Designers use typography as arsenal to create magic in designs. Designers understand how to pair, space and contrast fonts for the best experience.

One of the best ways to understand the importance of typography for your company’s messaging is to understand where it came from.

This short video explains the history of typography and how it got to the art form it is today. Enjoy! Read More »

The Infographic: From Caves to Pinterest


infographic (noun) [IN-foh-GRAF-ik]

  1. a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge.
  2. a way to make dull and/or confusing information eye-catching and easy to understand: I saw a really interesting infographic about weather patterns in Siberia on Pinterest yesterday.

Though “infographic” isn’t officially in the dictionary yet, you’ve probably seen the word around a lot. You’ve also probably seen a lot of the long, skinny infographics so common on the Internet. While the Internet is a big part of what has made infographics so popular recently, people were creating them long before the Internet. About 32,000 years before, actually.

Cave paintings from 30,000 BC depicted (visually represented) what animals and other resources were available in the surrounding area (information).

Image by Plamen Stoev

But because we live in the era of social media, we’ll focus on the format of infographics that these websites have made so popular lately, like this one we made for the COPD Alliance: Read More »

A new collection of the best free fonts

Check out these beauties! Fonts are so important in so many ways. They bring just the right amount of awesome to almost anything. If you see something you have to have, just click on the image to go to the source for downloading options. Enjoy!


A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

A new collection of the best free fonts

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5 Qs to ask yourself before starting a design project

5 qsFirst things first. As a business you must understand your audience. Knowing crucial things about your audience-base has everything to do with the marketing strategies behind design.

Before you get started on your next promotional piece or website updates, take a moment to honestly ponder these questions: Read More »

Inspiring holiday card ideas for business

Want to do something unique this year that will make your customers think, “Wow! They really ARE cool! I should buy from them again.”

Well look no further. All it takes is to stand out from the crowd, in a good way, that’s branded to YOU. Easy, right? Not really. But if you put on your thinking cap, brainstorm with your staff and check out these cool ideas below, you’re sure to come up with something stellar.

Note: You can also click on each image for their source and more info.

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How to interview designers

How to interview designersYou might not know where to start in this foreign world of Web and graphic design, but be assured you’re not alone! A good place to start is to first think about what you hope to get out of the project. What are your end goals for the project?

Then, make sure to ask potential designers these questions once they too are aware of your project goals to see who fits the bill: Read More »

Types of logos… What’s the difference?

Well, mostly the difference has to do with how you plan to use your logo. Here are simple explanations with samples:

Logotype / Word Mark

This type of logo would be best suited for a company where signage plays a huge roll in their brand visibility. Another reason a company might want a logotype or word mark logo is its placement among other busy content that is regularly seen by the customer or even just brand simplicity.

IBM wordmarkDillardsFedEx

Disney wordmark

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Biz cards are making a comeback with QR codes

Liqius Facebook QR CodeIn this paper-free, tech-savvy world we’ve come to adore, business cards have sort have been left in the dust. They haven’t evolved much and I’m tempted to concluded that most people just enter the info into their smart phones and toss the business cards we work so hard on beautifying.

But what if there was a way to make your business card interactive, something people wouldn’t mind having at their fingertips? That’s where QR codes come in and all the awesome ways you can use them on a business card.

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Get all your logo files!

Get All Your Logo FilesWhen you’ve hired a design company for identity design, make sure you leave with what you paid for… Your design files! The majority of our clients only have JPEG or PDF files of their logo. This just doesn’t cut it! Other file types and variations are needed for Web design, advertisements, collateral… You get the picture.

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