Our approach.

Bethany Women’s Healthcare had a logo from the 80’s that had never been updated. Our goal was to preserve their strong identity in a fresh and current design.

While midwifery is their primary service, they weren’t sure how much they wanted the logo to elude to that. They did know that the new logo needed to reflect the natural element of their practice, as well as the diversity of their female patients. They also wanted a logo they could use in a variety of formats – full color or monochromatic, as a stand alone symbol, large and small.

Our process.

Since this client had a specific vision in mind, we had them browse Pinterest for logos they liked to help us define the design characteristics they were wanting to see. What they sent us reaffirmed our vision for a clean, modern design.

We presented them with three very different designs, all of which we developed further as well as mocking up a fourth design based off their feedback. It was in this fourth design that we struck gold with a symbol that embodied the right blend of femininity, nature and versatility. From there we just refined the fonts and color schemes.