The reason for change.

Canyon Physical Therapy was in need of a complete redesign with a focus on organizing  and updating content that could be easily maintained by their own staff into the future. Over time, the original website had become outdated and disorganized.

Because new content had to be added by a third party for their original website, it was inevitably difficult to keep that website structured. Finding important information became difficult for new and existing patients.

Also, the original website design had become outdated and its technology had started to break down, becoming a major hinderance to potential patients.

Our approach.

As part of the design process, we identified the most important information for new and existing patients so that we could make them easily accessible on the website’s home page.

Because considering prospective patient needs was so important throughout the design processes, the dynamic map became a focal point of development. Website viewers can easily see what services and which staff members can be found at each location.

We also played close attention to current design trends throughout the entire website in addition to the company’s necessity to easily update the website in-house as they expand locations and services throughout the Phoenix Metro area.

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design.

Canyon Physical Therapy’s website does not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; it detects the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Then, it automatically adjusts the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

Custom post types.

As Canyon Physical Therapy evolves, website admins can easily add new services, team members, locations, and testimonials to the website. They don’t even have to worry about layout, fonts, or any bits of code. Each update is easily made in the admin portal and automatically formatted in a way that is visually consistent with the rest of the website.

Appointment form.

Current and potential Canyon Physical Therapy clients can request an appointment right on the website. An eye-catching button calls on website viewers to “make an appointment” at the top of every page.

Employee portal.

Canyon Physical Therapy employees can log into a special area of the website where they can view the employee forum to keep up with all the latest internal communication and see upcoming internal events on the employee calendar.