The reason for change.

ISA, the national governing body for surfing, came to us in need of a completely new redesign for their website. The ISA’s website not only needed to look fresh and current, but also house all of the surfing competition archives from years past. The new design needed to reflect the current culture of surfing while also documenting the sports evolving history.

Additionally, the ISA needed a way to allow individuals around the world to host and attend surfing, judging, and coaching certification classes. These classes needed to be managed by the host with the ability to add attendees and check them off as they completed the requirements of the course.

Our approach.

As always our approach is to start with purposeful design. We provided the ISA with mockups that showcased a fresh design that would appeal to their audience and overall user experience.

Our next step was to find out exactly what the website needed to do in order to accomplish the complex development tasks, while making the administrator portal as simple as possible.

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design

ISA’s website does not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; it detects the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Then, it automatically adjusts the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

Easy E-commerce.

ISA enthusiasts can now order ISA swag via the website. The ISA shop has a fully integrated and complete E-commerce solution.

Interactive timeline.

Website viewers can browse old photos and learn about the ISA’s history and its ongoing efforts to make surfing an official olympic sport.

Member nation portal.

The ISA’s Member Nations can log into the website to renew their membership and update their listing in the membership directory.

Coach and judge portal.

The coach and judge portal allows these individuals to login and create courses to be published on the website’s course schedule. Once published, visitors can signup for these courses. The portal also gives the course presenters access to mark attendees as completing the course. Coaches and judges can also update their information that is displayed in the Coach and Judge directories.

Surf school directory.

The ISA Surf School Directory is a complete list of registered accredited surf schools around the world. This directory is sortable by country and displays the surf school’s name, logo, location, and other important information about the school.

Scholarship program.

The ISA scholarship program is complete with a dynamic scholarship application to collect the necessary information required for the grant. The past winners are displayed in the scholarship archive, sortable by year.

Champion archives.

The ISA World Champion Archive holds the championship results for the past 50 years of competitions. The archives are sorted by year and event, and then broken down into different categories for that event.  Each category contains the championship results, including the individuals name, where they placed in the event, their country, and the points awarded.

Event calendar.

The ISA event calendar conveniently displays all of ISA’s events in a list view and a calendar view.  Both of these views allows the site’s visitors to easily find upcoming events.  Each listed event links to a separate page that displays detailed information about that event as well as a registration form.

Event registration.

The event registration form collects all of the required information for the registrant and also allows the registrant to signup multiple individuals besides themselves. The registration process is also integrated into ISA’s merchant account, which allows them to easily and securely collect payment right on the website.

Language translation.

The ISA website is equipped with the ability for visitors to switch the language of the website between English and Spanish.  The website is setup to automatically detect the visitor’s default language and display that language first.  The website administrators have the ability to control the content of both Spanish and English versions, which enables them to accurately communicate the copy on each page for each language.

Social media integration.

The ISA’s social media platforms are integrated throughout their website. Links to the ISA’s different social media platforms are located on every page of the website. But it doesn’t stop there. We have also integrated their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds right onto the website, which also allows the visitor to like/follow the ISA right there without having to leave the website.