Reason for change.

With the release of Passionate Nutrition founder Jennifer Adler’s book, Passionate Nutrition needed its brand and website to be synergized and amplified to grow the Passionate Nutrition platform, heighten and maximize buzz around the impending book release and Passionate Nutrition brand, while also positioning Jennifer as an inspirational author, nutrition expert and entrepreneur.

The original website was a basic WordPress theme that couldn’t expand with their business and services growth. PN Institute was also a huge initiative, expanding their services greatly.

Our approach.

As part of the design process, we identified the most important information for Passionate Nutrition’s audience and made it easily accessible on the website home page.

For visual esthetics, we aimed to use the most up and coming design trends, like the “What’s New” grid on the homepage. Inspired by other female health coach personality sites, we wanted to focus on selling their services as opposed to being the typical blog-centric type. PN Institute was built as phase two.

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design.

Passionate Nutrition’s website does not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; it detects the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Then, it automatically adjusts the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

Easy to find.

To make it easy for visitors to browse all of Passionate Nutrition’s multiple locations and nutritionists, we developed a user friendly nutritionist and location finder. All the nutritionists and locations are associated together, so upon selecting your desired location, the appropriate nutritionists are displayed for that location.

Media & radio shows.

The Passionate Nutrition website has a built-in custom area for administrators to easily add videos of their media appearances and audio of their radio shows. On the front-end of the website, visitors can easily navigate these items, view the videos and listen to the radio shows right on the website.

PN Institute.

Passionate Nutrition Institute is an online nutrition education program that offers over 14 hours of virtual, video-based lectures taught by Jennifer Adler. Visitors can purchase classes, pay online, and come back at anytime to complete their video courses by simply logging into their personalize account.