Our approach.

Dietician Aubrey Uhling came to Liquis looking to freshen up her dated website. She wanted a website that didn’t focus on the word, “no” or what clients can’t have. She also wanted a website that didn’t look like a typical dietitian site.

Lucky for us, Aubrey provided us with delicious images of fruits, veggies, and nuts she had used on her business cards the year before that she wanted to utilize. While only in the discovery meeting, we immediately thought of the theme “Pathaway” which perfectly showcases the yummy images at the top of each page. Plus, the homepage has a cool, unique grid that we incorporated the images into as well.

Benefiting as a member.

Once we launched Uhling Consulting,  Aubrey was looking to keep her brand consistent with updated marketing materials to match. Since she’s signed up for a membership, we’ve been gradually updating the packets she gives to her patients and other materials she uses like letterhead, rack cards, envelops, one sheets, etc.

We also created a newsletter template and occasional create email campaigns for her.

Learn how you can benefit from a membership

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design.

Uhling’s website does not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; it detects the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Then, it automatically adjusts the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

Newsletter signup.

Uhling’s website is integrated with a simple form that visitors use to signup for Aubrey’s newsletter updates. Upon signing up, the subscriber’s information is automatically added the the Uhling’s mailing list. Less time doing tedious tasks means more time growing the business.

Downloadable forms.

Uhling clients can go onto the Uhling website before their consultation and download PDF versions of the forms they need to fill out in advance. Website administrators at Uhling can also easily update these forms. Don’t you love it when things are easy?