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Types of logos… What’s the difference?

By August 24, 2011Branding, Graphic design

Well, mostly the difference has to do with how you plan to use your logo. Here are simple explanations with samples:

Logotype / Word Mark

This type of logo would be best suited for a company where signage plays a huge roll in their brand visibility. Another reason a company might want a logotype or word mark logo is its placement among other busy content that is regularly seen by the customer or even just brand simplicity.

IBM wordmarkDillardsFedEx

Disney wordmark

Iconic / Symbolic

Iconic or symbolic logos really work best for well established brands. This type of logo is great for use on products and also consistency for a brand within a brand.

Apple Iconicolympics Iconic Starbucks Iconic

Combination Mark

This is probably the most common type of logo because it adds an extra dose of recognition and insight into a brand. In various cases, the symbolic piece can even be used alone.

Nike comboBluetooth comboWWF comboPepsi combo


Emblems are all encompassing and are sometimes used as a complimentary piece to a brand depending on its use. Most emblems are used as a seal or object of its own for placement on a product.

ASU EmblemBMW Emblem

AirForce Emblem

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